Ghosts who can no longer tell their stories, and lovers who grow their futures moment by moment.

You have promised a strange ghost that you met in a junkyard to grow a flower for her, and return it to her when it blossoms. As you learn how to care for a flower, your girlfriend is eager to spend time with you. What you do is your choice.

There are no 'wrong' choices in this twine story. Pick whatever options make you the happiest, or the ones that you wish to explore and understand. You're encouraged to roleplay and follow your desires.

If you are considering making a game about lesbianism but aren't sure there to begin, try using this as a guide and a source of encouragement to discover the kind of game you wish to tell. Perhaps you'll follow a path that leads you to a realization about what is most important to you, or maybe you can find something that hasn't been told in this little twine.

There are some scenes that have discussion of sex and sexuality. Some of the discussion of sex is explicit, however, it is possible to avoid them if you want while still completing the game.

A tiny little game for Yuri Game Jam, by Colleen Potvin. (Header image by GorrisenM.)

Made withTwine
TagsLesbian, love, no-bad-endings, plants, Twine, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes