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Created for a belated Mermay, and International Mental Health Awareness Month. Content warning for depression, anxiety, trauma, and ideation. 

Sometimes, you may know yourself only barely, identity tied to you as tight as the ebb and flow of the waves you live in. Purpose, too. Community, too, and everything else, too.

Undulate through loneliness, trauma, confusion, emptiness, and hope. The Mermaid of Lake Michigan is a story of mental health displayed on twenty evocative images. The story was originally posted to Twitter bit by bit in June 2018, and the images are now available in a single collection. A text file containing the words alone is also provided for anyone with issues reading text imposed upon images

Written by Colleen Potvin with images edited by Antag. (All images are stock photos and credit belongs to their original owners.) 

Install instructions

Simply download and unzip the file, and place the folder wherever you want. Each image is its own page of the story.


The Mermaid of Lake Michigan (itch.io).zip 6 MB

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